Fred Bone, President

About Us

Frederick L. Bone, President

Fred joined Bone and Associates in 2004.  Fred grew up around the legislative process.  As a young adult, Fred served as a House page and later served on the Sergeant-At-Arms staff.  Fred then went to work for Bone and Associates in the early '90's but left for a job in his field as an analytical chemist.  After gaining years of regulatory experience Fred had the opportunity to join the firm and continue the family tradition. 

Fred is a 1991 graduate of North Carolina State University with a major in Chemistry and a minor in Environmental Science.  He worked for 2 years in a commercial environmental lab in RTP before going to work for the State of NC Dept. of Environment & Natural Resources in Raleigh.  He spent 12 years certifying labs across the US. This in-depth regulatory experience gave Fred an appreciation for the regulated community as well as the regulations themselves.  Much like his father, Fred has a love for NC politics and an in-depth knowledge of the NC political process.  Fred is also known to be a vibrant public speaker.  Today, all of these attributes, along with Fredís open and honest personality distinguish him as one of the stateís brightest up-and-coming lobbyists.  

Bone and Associates, LLC

Laura W. Bone, Vice-President

Laura joined Bone and Associates in 2007 as the companyís Business Manager and today serves as the company's VP.  Laura is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the company, client correspondence, event planning, interns and required reports for the NC Secretary of Stateís office.  She can even be found from time to time covering legistative committees meetings.   Laura has extensive knowledge concerning NCís ethics legislation and political actions committees (PACs).  Laura also serves as treasurer for 2 PACs and is a notary for the State of NC. 

Laura is a 1992 graduate of Meredith College with a major in Business Administration.  Laura interned with Bone and Associates in 1989-1990 while attending Meredith.  Prior to re-joining Bone and Associates, Laura  worked in the banking industry and as a support specialist and network engineer for a major telecommunications firm in RTP.    

Laura W. Bone

Bone and Associates was formed in 1987 by Roger W. Bone.  As a former legislator and legislative liaison Roger loved NC politics and worked hard to represent his clients.  In 2008, Roger was recognized as the #1 ranked lobbyist in North Carolina.  Roger lost his battle with cancer in January 2009.  Today the tradition continues with Fred and his wife, Laura, providing the same dedication and service to the clients that Roger did for so many years.